15 Differences Between Chai Latte vs Chai Tea – Complete Guide 2023

By | February 13, 2023

Are you the one who doesn’t know which Chai is tea or latte? How often did you prepare your cup for having tea or latte in the chai version? So what did you receive exactly? — Here comes Chai latte vs. Chai tea

Before we enter the leading guide, let’s first understand the difference between Chai and Tea. Are they the same? OR opposite?

Chai and tea are termed as different names for the same thing. But there exists a difference which says that Chai could be Masala Chai or Adrak Chai which is the mixture of more than two ingredients in regular tea. In comparison, tea is a smooth blend of loose herbs and leaves with steamed milk common among people for a quick mug hug.

But, so far, they are known for slightly the same flavors and have the same aroma of traditional Asian spices. Therefore, chai tea contains all organic things, including sweet spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, etc.), herbs, and hot milk, which combine a perfect cup to enjoy and the opposite of any western texture.

On the other hand, chai latte is a modernized or western form of eastern chai tea, where “latte” is an Italian word, meaning “milk.” But the difference is not much vibrant among both Chai(s).

To magnify our understanding of “whether the chai is latte or tea,” let’s get straight into chai latte vs. chai tea…

The Origin of both Chai latte & Chai Tea ✨

Chai tea became famous before 1700, and its origin could be located in South Asia. “Chai” is a word derived from India that means “tea,” while Masala chai also follows the same region for invention. It has been studied that before using chai tea as a recreational drink in that region, people used to identify it as an effective medicine for cases of flu and winter distress. Later, during the 1880s, chai tea expanded its recognition all around the globe, including in western states. This is where it got the revolution that we know today as the Chai latte.

It was discovered unintentionally in Covent Garden, England, by a home-cooking mistress making masala chai for a traveler who later appreciated the combination of powdered tea ingredients, poured with milk, and foam on top. Firstly, it was known as “chai charger” and “Java Chai.” But soon, the term “latte” came into place, and it was called “chai latte.”

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Does ‘Chai’ mean Tea? ☕

Chai is a traditional word, primarily used in India, and has also originated from there. People say “chai” and mean it as “tea,” which has been derived from the word “Cha.” It shows that chai is somehow the exact term used for tea in India. But they both are slightly different.

Tea, in the context of masala tea, tea is the blend of more than three ingredients in a chai, including beverage leaves, sweet spices, honey/sugar, and hot milk. It provides tea lovers with a strong punch of tea-leave flavors when they come with cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger. Comparatively, your chai cup has beverage tea leaves and simmered milk which is a quick-to-go chai-drinking option.

Conclusively, we can call them the same to an extent, as both produce the same aroma and immunity boost.

How to spot a traditional Chai latte? ♨️

Chai latte without the term tradition is a hand-carry package for making a cafe latte. For some people in the west, stirring a powdered blend of masala tea ingredients and hot milk is the chai latte to enjoy in winter.

However, to spot a traditional chai latte, the following figures must tick right.

  • Have Essential Spices (At Least 4):

So you’re going to taste the actual roots of Indian masala chai with a western texture of latte. Right? Then don’t miss to add spices (Cinamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves) that are essential to convert chai into chai latte.

  • It’s A Chai of Without Extracts:

Unlike black tea extract used in making quick chai tea, go for using beverage leaves and tea ingredients to make chai latte out of fakes.

  • No Artificial Flavours Include:

Make a list of ingredients that can produce organic sweetness in chai instead of artificial sweeteners.

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What is a ‘Chai’ latte? 🍵

Chai latte has no definition except calling it “the revolutionized form of masala chai,” which is available in cafes today, everywhere. To make a perfect cup of chai latte, there are no unique and expensive components required. Just an extract of black tea with some ground spices (5-6), hot milk, and milk foam on the top.

Cafes today, alongside introducing coffee versions, are also offering their special chai latte product. They keep their spices different and add additional spices to make chai latte available in different flavors and has no taste tag. This way, people are no more bored with a single recipe.

Chai latte or Chai tea: Greatest of All Time? 🇮🇳

As the guide concludes the details regarding chai formats and makes a final sense of preferring one over the other, one can find his final choice in chai latte vs. chai tea. So let’s skip to see which chai has more benefits than draws on health.

Here are 15 Best Differences Between Chai Tea vs Chai Latte- Compare Caffeine content and More

FeatureChai TeaChai Latte
IngredientsBlack tea, spices, milk, sugarChai tea concentrate, milk, sugar
FlavorSpicy, robustMild, creamy, sweet
PreparationBrewed with loose-leaf tea or tea bagsMade with pre-made concentrate or powder
CostLess expensiveMore expensive
CaloriesLower caloriesHigher calories
Serving TemperatureHotHot or iced
OriginTraditional Indian beverageWesternized version of chai tea
AvailabilityBrewed at home or in cafesCommon in coffee shops
Health BenefitsGood source of antioxidantsMay contain added sugars and artificial flavors
Caffeine ContentModerate caffeineModerate to high caffeine
CustomizationCan be customized with different types of milk and sweetenersCan be customized with added flavors like vanilla or caramel
Cultural SignificanceDeep cultural significance in IndiaLacks cultural significance
Serving SizeTypically served in a small cup or mugLarger serving size in coffee shops
Preparation TimeLonger preparation time due to brewing teaQuicker preparation time due to using concentrate or powder

These 15 Best comparisons highlight that chai tea and chai latte can differ in caffeine content, customization options, cultural significance, serving size, and preparation time. By considering these factors, you can determine which one is the better choice for you.

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Preference Over Chai latte to Chai Tea? 👀

According to the taste, a chai latte has more ingredients to note than chai tea. Because of the latest taste trend in coffee and other recreational drinks, which most people prefer, chai latte has a delightful version of chai. That’s why people today recognize it more frequently at cafes and coffee shops.

On the other hand, Chai tea is a thousand year’s old invention that has no more than the required ingredients included. Within the mentioned time, one can daily have chai tea without burdening on health. The beverage used in black tea mix is organic and proves an excellent antioxidant that prevents inflammation. Boosting immunity is another benefit of chai tea which comes from tea plants and reduces cardiovascular disease chances.

That’s why chai tea is health-wise more suitable than chai latte, a storm of spices in chai.

Which one is good for health?

You have gone through compositions of chai tea and chai latte. With a difference in spices, extract, beverage, espresso, and sweetness ratios, are you on the page to select one over the other? Did you see chai tea has a primary origin in nature and was used in medical terms to treat cold infections and flu? Chai latte, in comparison, has no significant immunity-defending advantages which shows it’s a recreational drink just like coffee and cappuccino.

Hence, making a daily-day relationship with chai tea which is simply a perfect, aromatic, and decent collaboration of tea spices, sugar, and milk, would be better for health than condensed milk used in chai latte for adding extra sweetness and fat quantity in regular chai.

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Does Chai Tea or Chai Latte Have Caffeine In It? 🤔

Of Course, YES! Since both chai tea and chai latte are made of tea and not coffee beans, they have a notable amount of caffeine compared to coffee. The intake level of caffeine is not so high. Therefore, the chances of being drug-addicted by drinking any of these chai forms could transfer a small amount of caffeine to your body, which has no significant harm to your health. However, those who are strictly ordered by their physicians to not come across those foods and drinks having caffeine and other drug content must avoid chai latte and chai tea.

Calories in Chai latte vs Chai tea 🫖

Generally, “chai tea” is made of tea spices, a small amount of sugar, and milk directly stirred in a pot. A 360ml cup of chai tea contains 60 calories which are easy to burn if a person goes for exercise daily.

However, chai latte has an extra complicated case than chai tea. For the same 360ml cup of chai latte, there are more than 200 calories and high sugar content, making it equally complicated to handle as a coke cola bottle.

But worry not!

Go for a dirty chai latte option, and enjoy a less-calorie cup of pleasure!

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How much caffeine is in the chai latte Starbucks?

Starbucks espresso and coffee lattes have high saturated fat and caffeine saturation, estimated at around 150mg/doppio, 1.5 oz. Similar to this, both hot and iced chai lattes have 95 mg of caffeine for the same size cup. This amount is not severe for healthy people and has an equal effect on a coffee cup. However, a robust special chai latte could prove harmful to internal body functions.

How do you make a chai tea latte like Starbucks?

Here are your quick and two-super-ingredients Starbucks-style chai latte.

  • Get Tazo Classic Chai Latte base from any supermarket. It is a jumble of black tea, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and vanilla. Formulated with originally harvested tea, the spiced chai latte base possesses a deliciously energetic, tender taste.
    (If it’s not available, you can make it yourself easily at home).
  • Add 2% milk and mix it well with almonds and pistachios until it makes a creamy texture.
  • Now sit on your favorite sofa with your headset to the pillow and take a sip of a Starbucks Chai latte.

What is a dirty chai latte?

The difference between a chai latte and a dirty chai latte is an ingredient which is espresso. Like a chai latte, the ingredients are cinnamon, concentrated milk, tea spices, and cream foam included including a dirty chai latte with two espresso shots.

Is a chai latte good for you?

After all, its main ingredient is tea leaves, and the unusual name ultimately appears healthier than coffee. Still, a normal-sized (or “grande”) chai latte―a mixture of black tea extract, cooked milk, sweetening factors, and spices―has a similar quantity of calories as the equal-sized Caffe mocha, even when prepared with a scoop of milk.

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