About Us

caffeine whack 2I’m Amira, a certified T.H.A.C Tea Sommelier, fashion lover, crafter, travel addict, and recently become Entrepreneur. Currently, live in Tunisia 🇹🇳 (North Africa). My background is in Business and Fashion but I’ve always had a thing for tea & coffee. It started as a preference, moved on to an obsession and it’s currently my passion. It got to a point where I craved to learn more about it so I enrolled in a Tea Sommelier program while living in different countries.

I created Caffeine Whack a few months after I Graduated while finishing my Tea Sommelier certification. In COVID-19 I wanted to network and share with other tea/coffee addicts like me while I was home looking after myself. One thing I could count on, was my huge tea/coffee stash to get me inspired with ideas to write and post!

Girl standing front of flower tree

“I l♥︎ve days when my only problems is… 🍵 or ☕ ”

Work with me:

I’m always open and happy to work with brands, bloggers, magazines, restaurants, cafes, or other businesses that are relevant to my tea/coffee loving readers or who request my services. Get in touchto start a conversation and explore the possibilities.

Some services I offer are:

  • Sponsored posts
  • Content creation and recipe development
  • Advertising
  • Consulting services and menu pairings for restaurants, cafes and hotels

Thanks for visiting & supporting my blog!

– Amira 🌱